Patented Green Engine Technology

New Licensing & Distributorship Opportunities.

Patented Technology makes any engine: Emission compliant and Fuel efficient.


Real technology, Producing real results!!

Diesel and Gasoline engines that need to meet tier 3 and 4 emission compliance.

Meet the 2030 EU emission standards

10 Years of Development and Testing

Touch Screen Display

Keep the Engines !!, Save the Money !!,

Stay environmentally Compliant.
Patents domestic and foreign.

  • Retrofits to any engine.
  • Can be used on any fuel type.
  • System scale able to work with any engine size
  • Makes engines emission compliant.
  • Allows engines to run clean and efficiently
  • Saves Fuel
  • Patented technology
  • Cheaper than other retrofit technology's
  • Tax Credits
  • Remote Management and more..

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