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Hydrogen infused Active Emission Technology

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Haring Laboratories is a Clean Tech Company.

On Demand Hydrogen systems.

We design, build and implement on demand hydrogen systems.

No hydrogen storage needed.

Industrial and Commercial applications.

Our systems can be scaled to meet even the largest of engines.

All systems are designed and built in the USA.

We use only the best materials and manufacturing processes.

Did You Know.   typical engines only use 30 – 40% of the fuel in the tank  to actually do the work, all the rest of the fuel is lost as heat and emissions.

We can fix this problem.

Welcome to Haring Laboratories Inc. 

Hydrogen System

Haring Laboratories Inc. is a Tech Company that designs, develops and commercializes cutting-edge engine efficiency and emission reduction products for a broad range of industries running engines that use diesel, biofuel, kerosene, petrol, trash fuels, and even natural gas. Haring Laboratories’ management team has more than 80 years of developing mission critical technology, and the system can easily and quickly be retrofitted to any engine, making those engines qualify for the 2030 EU emission standards.

Haring Laboratories has developed proprietary technology that includes reducing emissions by 40% – 80% depending upon the initial setup of the engine, reducing fuel consumption by at least 10% depending upon the initial setup of the engine and allowing for engines to run cooler by 1-2 degrees.

The company’s mission is to make carbon-burning engines highly efficient in the utilization of their fuel, thus creating better fuel economy, lower emissions and cleaner running engines.

Here you will find  various sized and configurable hydrogen systems. We design on demand hydrogen generator systems, commercial grade hydrogen systems, the electronic control boards for monitoring and managing the hydrogen systems along with engine monitoring, management and data collection. We also specialize in redundant hydrogen systems for mission critical applications, where emission fines can be a big problem. Our electronics and generators can be paired together in a load balancing configuration, or a secondary backup system that automatically comes on when it senses failure from the primary system. Along with the hydrogen systems and controls, we have added expanded features to further enhance your system, such as phone apps for remote controlling your hydrogen system, engine or multiple systems.  You can  add wifi, cell and gps modules to the hydrogen systems for data logging, locate your system where ever it is, view, monitor and manage all your engines and hydrogen systems globally.

These were developed to reduce the emission problem from engines that use carbon based fuels.

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The Systems are used in these major markets:

Diesel engines that need to meet tier 3 and 4 emission compliance.

  • Industrial Machines
  • Ships
  • KV Generators
  • Pumps
  • Semi Trucks
  • Oil and Gas
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Trains
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