Since 2007,  We have been perfecting the hydrogen generation process for our generator system this allows for higher hydrogen output, we also redesigned the casings and made them out of 316 stainless steel for superior durability and longevity.

To solve a lot of the problems you see in the hydrogen industry, We also had to design and manufacture our own electronic control boards  this allowed us the capability for the precise  monitoring and management of the Hydrogen system and pull data from the engine to use in the injection of hydrogen.

We now redesigned the optimal in a hydrogen delivery system, we now are using a control valve with feed back instead of the injector system. This allows for even more of a precise and smoother flow of hydrogen to the engine. This allows us to squeeze even more out of your  engine.

These are some of the features the control boards have, We are continuously adding to the features and functions.

Standard Features:

OBDII port controlled or sense wire controlled if no OBDII port is available

Ignition sense, safety feature ensures unit is switched off when engine is not running.

Water level sensors, if water level is to low in filler tank or generator the system turns off.

Fully automotive rated surface mount electronics

True Plug n Play electronics system

Programmable controls with touch screen display

Temperature stable Unit shuts down if internal temperature is greater than 165 F

Continuous flow rate based on engine load.

Programmable flow rate operation based on engine load, auto scales between load points

Thoroughly laboratory and road tested

Bar code serialized

Expanded Features:

  • Engine Monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • GPS and mapping
  • Cell Transmitter for remote management, engine monitoring and data logging
  • WIFI Transmitter for remote management, engine monitoring and data logging

Built-in diagnostics:

  • Over Temperature
  • Shorting / bypassing – of the Unit core control
  • Low Water Level Filler tank
  • Low water in Generator
  • Shock sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Supply line leak detection

Auto Shut down if safety conditions are not met, display screen keeps you updated on all operational events.

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