Hokuapps comes aboard to make life easy.

Christopher Haring and Haring Laboratories will be partnering with Hokuapps to put together the underlying software platform which will be hosted on the AWS platform to run the operations from first sales contact through manufacturing, to installation of the H1 Accelerator systems and continued customer support.

The platform will also be able to be integrated into the H1 system for real time hydrogen system and engine monitoring and management from the end users and remote trouble shooting by the engineers.

The system will seamlessly manage the distributors and sales teams allowing them to place, modify and track orders, make updates, track progress throughout the process making scheduling and working with the customers a smooth flow from purchase to installation and trouble shooting if necessary. notifications can be sent to phones, tablets or desk tops,  keeping everyone on the same page all the time.

The system will also have a knowledge base, video tutorials and interaction with engineers.