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Hokuapps comes aboard to make life easy. Christopher Haring and Haring Laboratories will be partnering with Hokuapps to put together the underlying software platform which will be hosted on the AWS platform to run the operations from first sales contact through manufacturing, to installation of the H1 Accelerator systems and continued customer support. The [...]

Don’t Step on my patents, Licensing Agreements

ATTENTION:  New Product Managers Dear Sir/Madam, Christopher Haring of Haring Laboratories Inc., is offering a license opportunity for a uniquely designed hydrogen system on terms mutually agreeable and beneficial to all parties.  The product has advanced control electronics for the hydrogen system and engine along with precise hydrogen injection system, touchscreen monitoring and management, [...]

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Smooth Flow Hydrogen Injection System

The new smooth flow technology is now complete and tested, this upgrade to our systems allows for a very smooth and precise delivery of the hydrogen to the engine under varying engine loads and conditions. The previous system used a hydrogen injector to deliver the hydrogen by controlling the "PWM" pulse width modulation which under [...]

Turbo Silverado Blue Truck Project

Well, here we are.... Wondering, why would you want to do this to a perfectly good truck that runs great..., Well to make it Awesome. I decided to do this for a few reasons, 1 I'm waiting for a prototype hydrogen delivery system to be completed and sent to me, so I can [...]

Haringlabs accepts bitcoin

Haring Laboratories develops cutting edge technology, it is only a natural progression to adopt Cryptocurrency as a cutting edge form of payment. Actually this currency has been around for over a decade, and now is being adopted as a globally accepted and secure form of payment. Using this currency allows customers to purchase our [...]

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Haring Labs INNOV8 Acadiana at LAGCOE 2017

Many Thanks to Pete Prados for inviting us to participate with INNOV8 Acadiana at the 2017 LAGCOE Expo. We had a great time, Learned a lot about the new technologies and companies behind them, Made new friends and acquired valuable contacts. I recommend  checking out INNOV8 Acadiana, there a top notch organization that can [...]

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New Hydrogen Delivery System

Well Done!! goes out to John Fagerlund, Head Engineer at Haring Laboratories. We have developed a smoother more accurate hydrogen delivery system that allows Hydrogen or any gas of choice to flow into combustion engines at precise amounts and at varying engine loads, fast response time.  further testing of the delivery system will take [...]

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emission Reduction is the topic of the times. Haring laboratories has the solution, Today. EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 We can do that TODAY, Our technology allows for a more complete burning of the carbon based fuels used in engines. Europe will cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% [...]

Touch Screen Control

7 inch Touch Screen Programming the hydrogen system with the large 7 inch Touch Screen has never been easier. Haring Labs new addition to there line up is the new 7″ color touch screen. When the tft screen is attached to any of haringlabs control boards, You now have control and monitoring functions at [...]

Hydrogen Generator Capabilities

Hydrogen Generator Capabilities Haring Labs Hydrogen Generator Capabilities, These our new generation of generators and the results are excellent. Based on our high efficient compact core design, all encompassed  by a high grade stainless steel casing. Multi Voltage Capable, 12, 24, 48 VDC from the same core. These generators are small in size [...]

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