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Electronic Control Boards

Electronic Control Boards 2017-07-06T19:25:14+00:00

Our control boards were born out of necessity.

We required a controller that can properly monitor and manage specific needs of the hydrogen system in real time and fast, along with monitoring and managing the engines that the hydrogen systems are on.

This required a very specific, unique and precise controller that is not available on the  market. The control boards also had to be feature rich, offering ,gps, data logging, remote management and control via cell, wifi , Bluetooth, color touchscreens, web browsers or phone app.

the control board also has engine management, OBDII, remote sensors, expandable memory and redundancy along with built in safety features and alarms.

So as you can see these are very special and robust electronics designed and made by us here in the USA.

Electronic Control Board
Color Touch Screen Control
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