Haring Laboratories Inc. is a Tech Company that designs, develops, and manufactures cutting edge on demand hydrogen assisted engine efficiency / emission reduction products for a wide range of industries.

The systems – Reduce fuel consumption, Reduces Engine emissions,  Allows the engine to run cleaner and cooler.

We can make any of your engines qualify for the 2030 EU emission standards.

We are capable of scaling the size of our hydrogen systems, both in hydrogen production, and component location. We also have systems with the ability to provide system redundancy and generator load balancing.

All the flexibility of our hydrogen systems comes from our proprietary electronic control boards, they are designed specifically to meet all the demands that even the most stringent industry’s require. Such as Operational Safety features and alarms for the hydrogen production side, engine monitoring and reporting, data logging, telemetry, remote management and programming of the system.

Our mission is to make carbon burning engines highly efficient in the utilization of there fuel, thus creating better fuel economy, lower emissions and cleaner running engines.

Thank You.

Christopher Haring